1920s Flappers Headband Necklace Bracelet Gloves Earrings Cigarette 5 Piece Set

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The 1920's brought forth a drastic change for women. The 19th amendment was passed granting women the right to vote. The new generation was embracing a lifestyle viewed as immoral and dangerous to many. This new generation of independent women are refereed to as flappers. While women gained a new right all of society lost the right to sell alcohol. At the height of Jazz this combination brought on speakeasies. The rebellious women cut their dresses shorter making it easier for them to dance. A generation more experimental than the last, only lasted a few years before the Great Depression brought on hard times. Their iconic look included bobbed hair, short dresses dresses with lower neck lines, bright lipsticks, and cigarettes. This kit includes many of the accessories one would see on a flapper. Included is a sequin headband, lace gloves, matching bracelet and necklace, a cigarette holder, and earrings. The cigarette holder is a prop and not intended to be smoked from. The earrings are real dangle earrings and require pierced ears to wear.