Men's Super State Trooper Highway Patrol Sheriff Adult Costume And Sunglasses

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Mens Super State Trooper Arrested Adult Tunic And Aviator Sunglasses Wouldn't it be super fun to be a State Trooper for a day? Meow you can with this State Trooper costume! Pair up with some goofy friends meow and act like a bunch of over-enthusiastic State Troopers who love pulling pranks fora super entertaining Halloween night! Adult Trooper costume includes a polyester tan shirt with attached brown neck tie and trooper badge, brown pants with attached faux belt and holster. Also included is the green Trooper hat with gold badge. Meow just add your own aviator sunglasses and trash 'stache to complete the look and get out there and have some fun right meow! (That was 4 times, in case you were counting and playing the cat game too!)One size fits men up to 6 ft 3 inches, chest sizes 48-52 inches. (made by Rasta Imposta Costumes). Gold Aviator Sunglasses Description: Just like the ones worn by police and aviators. Metal frame glasses with traditional mirror lens.Cool shades with a - Super Trooper Costume And Sunglasses,Tan shirt with attached brown neck tie and trooper badge,brown pants with attached faux belt and holster,green Trooper hat with gold badge,Aviator Sunglasses