Burning Dead Burnt Zombie Gory Scary Gloves Mask Adult Mens Halloween Costume

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100% Polyester Imported Smoke 'em if you got 'em! This grotesque Burnt Zombie Costume features a pair of ghoulish Black Gloves with eerie, elongated fingers- all the better to grab your next victim! Zombies are hot right now- some things never go out of style. Our sinister Charred Zombie Costume also includes a pair of tattered grey Zombie Burnt Walker Pants, stained with soot and ash, featuring torn and ragged cuffs. The rustic Well Done Walker Zombie Shirt displays trailing strands of charcoal-grey gauze and antiqued tattered-look detailing around the hem, cuffs and neckline. A horrific Burnt Zombie Mask is also included in this hellish ensemble, complete with charred black flesh and a tortured expression, revealing a gaping, voracious mouth locked in an eternal scream. - Burning dead zombie adult,burnt corpse scary mask,adult mens scary halloween costume,charred undead creepy mask,spooky boys headwear