$100 One Hundred Dollar Bill TP Roll Toilet Paper Novelty Money Cash Dollars

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Everyone will get a kick out of your $100 Bill Toilet Tissue! (Except Treasury Agents…they may arrest you.) Wanna see what it feels like to be Scrooge McDuck, a Sheikh in Dubai or Google? Are you a staunch supporter of the CSA note (Confederate States of America)? Do you favor a barter system where people make change with like nuts and berries and stuff? Or maybe you just hate Benjamin Franklin, what with his smug bi-focal lenses and that unruly hippy hairdo. Well with the $100 Bill Toilet Tissue you can make a statement for whatever strange cause you’re into! Let’s face it, none of us will ever have enough money to use hundred dollar bills as tooshie tissue (and they’re probably really filthy anyway). But your family and friends will get a kick at your anti-Federal Reserve humor. Except Ben Bernanke. That dude is going to be seriously ticked off the next time he uses your rest room. Use the $100 Bill Toilet Paper in the office, at school or anywhere people keep asking for mor - money toilet paper roll,one hundred dollar toilet paper,100$ toilet paper,fake money toilet paper roll,fake money 100 dollar bills