44 Magnum Airsoft Sportsman Revolver Replica Pistol Toy Fake Plastic Hand Gun

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44 Magnum Sportsman Toy Air Soft Gun SPORTSMAN air soft guns are made from original designs of western and sporting models. Each gun is made of high quality plastic. The stock of these guns look like real wood and the barrels look like real steel. SPORTSMAN guns will shoot our orange soft rubber ammo 20 feet. These guns do not use air cylinders; as you cock the lever or hammer on the gun it will compress its own air. AGE 14+ Made in Italy. Real Working hammer 8 shot cylinder Shoots #916 Soft Rubber Ammo up to 20 feet 12" Long AGE 14+ - Sportsman Toy Air Soft Gun Fake Bullets Included,Prop Pretend Reenactment Theater Historical Replica,Law Man western and sporting models looks like,real wood and steel shoots rubber ammo