50's Nerd Dork Geek Black Coke Round Rim Glasses Costume Bug Eyes Bottle Specs

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50's Nerd Glasses Size: One Size Fits Most Adults Black plastic frames with thick plastic lenses These are a fun plastic novelty for costume and other dress-up fun use. Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and some Children. Will run small on adults. Spending so much time in those books has certainly done nothing good for your eyes and now you must wear the thickest lenses imaginable. The Nerdy Bookworm Glasses features a pair of round frames that are in a nerd class all their own. You'll look swirly-ready in no time. - Nerd Glasses Wayfarer Round Glasses,Bug Eyes Specs glasses,Coke Bottle Glasses Bubbles Glasses,Minion Goggles Costume,Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Glasses Magnifying