British Tommy Soldier Brodie MK1 Helmet Trench Whistle WW1 & WW2 Reenactment Kit

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During WW1 whistles were crucial to the survival of many soldiers working the trenches. During WW1 & WW2 various sounds were used to signal which threat was approaching them. For example in WW1 an "Over the Top" whistle was meant to signal that troops were to leave the trench and advance on the enemy. During WW2 whistles were used to signal an enemy gas attack allowing some soldiers to affix gas mask in time to survive the attack. One Corporal even attributed his survival of an enemy attack to his whistle. He claimed a bullet ricocheted off his whistle saving him from the gun shot. Whistles became so popular during the war that the companies making them ran out of brass. With some ingenuity they came up with the idea to use biscuit tins in place of the brass. Today many of the whistles used during the war are still fully functional. So, what solider wouldn't want a life saving whistle? If you simply love history and want an affordable replica for decorative purposes, or perhaps you require replica attire this kit has your basic needs covered. Included is a plastic Brodie or MK1 helmet worn by British soldiers. The interior of the helmet is designed to fit many head sizes. The opening allows up to 60-61 cm circumference or approximately 24 inches. You can add adhesive back foam in the interior to allow the helmet to fit the smallest of head sizes however we recommend this helmet for ages 12 and up. Each helmet is approximately 11 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 4.5 inches tall. Also included is a replica whistle attached to a lanyard. The whistle is 2.5" in length and is fully functional. It comes in a plastic case for safe keeping when not in use. This kit is perfect for reenactment, theater, Halloween, and more!