Gladiator Roman Helmet With Face Mask Knight Armor Hat Adult Spartan Costume

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Nicky Bigs Novelties ™ High quality Gladiator Helmet. Flash to another time of true Roman warriors and gladiators. The helmet was a crucial piece for a knight. Without it, they would surely parish. The helmet is glorious in all its right. Measuring approximately 8 inches tall 11.5 inches long, and the opening measures aproximately 7.75 inches by 7.75. Perfect for reenactments, Halloween,Cosplay and more! One size fits most adults and some children. Fits approximately 62 cm One size fits most teens and adults Color: Silver/Gold 7.5" X 11" X 9" TALL OPENING-7.75" X 7.75" HARD PLASTIC Combine with other dress up items Ideal for Halloween celebrations, costume parties, dress up play and more Very little assembly by hooking in the top piece to the helmet!!