Gold Roman Spartan Sutton Hoo Helmet Face Mask Medieval Costume Crusader Knight

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Antiqued Bronze Anglo Saxon Coppergate (York) Sutton Hoo Style Helmet by Nicky Bigs Novelties ™ Thick Plastic Medieval Late Roman Cavalry Style Helmet with face mask, cap, plus folding cheek and neck guards. This helmet is a great reenactment replica that can be used for costume and novelty wear. The side flaps flip up just above the ears and the rear will flip up completely vertical. Approximately 25.5" around inside of helmet. Adhesive felt strips or gluing felt strips on the inside can help for comfort and adjusting the size to fit smaller heads. Outside Measurements of the helmet are approximately 8" wide, 12" tall, and 8 inches deep. Measurements taken near the eyes of the helmet. Please note that the actual helmet received can vary slightly from the photos due to the nature of product. Helmets may have slight scratches and paint splotches due to the handling and hand painting.