Hugh Hefner Gentlemen's Real Smoking Pipe Sherlock Holmes Steampunk Costume

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Nicky Bigs Novelties ™ Gentlemen's Half Bent Billiard Smoking Pipe With its simple design and low price, this pipe is ideal for a quick smoke, costume accessory,trying new tobaccos, and for party favors. The pipe is a two piece design with a Bakelite stummel and plastic stem mouthpiece. The mouthpiece will separate from the stummel for cleaning, and adding or changing filters. The 5.5 inch pipe has a half bent shank and stem with removable metal filter. The long black plastic mouthpiece will not get hot due to the material of the stummel. This pipe is just the right pipe for beginners, fishermen and yacht captains, costume prop or accessory, or relaxing on the porch for an evening smoke. Available only with the half bent design, Bakelite bowl with metal chamber lining, and metal accent ring at the end of the shank, Approximate Dimensions Length: 5.5 in. Bowl height: 1.375 in. Chamber diameter: .8125 in Chamber depth: .8125 in. - hugh hefner pipe costume Playboy mansion,sailor ship matey captain,sherlock holmes pipe dectective gangster,greek fisherman steampunk,Bakelite tobacco smoking snowman Englishman