Minion Led Light Up Eyeball Headband Banana Belt Birthday Luau Costume Accessory

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If you've seen the adorable Minions you'll know they love their bananas. So much in fact that they created a song and dance to their favorite word. This costume accessory set allows the wearer to show their love of Minions and their bananas. Included is a led light up headband shaped like minion eyes. It has 3 different light modes that can be switched on and off as desired. The headband includes 3 AG13 batteries which are replaceable. Also included is an adjustable approximately 32" long banana belt. Designed to fit adults and children, so you may need to tie it to your belt loops or belt if it doesn't fit around your waist. Each belt has 6 plastic bananas that are 7" in length. This accessory set is perfect for Minion themed parties. Imagine everyone running around as an adorable Minion, and then sending them home with the accessories as party favors. Party decor and party favors all in one set! Also great for Halloween, cosplay, theater, and more. Each set is one size fits most.